Kelly Stewart is a harpist who loves to teach and perform all types of music. She has extensive backgrounds in classical, historical, and traditional music alike. Her teaching and performing encompasses all aspects of harps, harp playing and instruction. Kelly holds a Bachelor’s degree in Classical Performance from the University of Georgia and a Master’s Diploma in Traditional Musicology and Triple Harp Performance from the University of North Wales. 

Kelly is also a US National Scottish Harp Champion, winning the competition in 2011. Her playing has been heard from the southern states to the radio programs of Wales and England. Some of her past performances include the GPTV special Arts in Georgia, the Atlanta Celtic Festival, Theatre Gael of Atlanta, The Atlanta Celtic Christmas Concert, and the Gwyl Cerdd Dant Festival in North Wales, broadcast on BBC radio. She performs widely on classical, triple, folk, wire and bray harps.

 Kelly’s other harp related activities include recording and studio work, teaching at workshops and conferences, and arranging for the harp. She has recorded three solo albums and is a guest artist on many more. Kelly  is also writing a book of arrangements designed for students looking to compete in traditional music competitions.


Sue Raimond, considered a pioneer of harp enrichment/therapy for pets and people, is among the world experts in the field of cytocymatics and vibroacoustics pertaining to the harp. She was educated at the University of Maryland (Wiesbaden, Germany extension), and later at California State University, Long Beach. Sue is an adjunct lecturer specializing in pain management at UC San Diego at both Thornton and Hillcrest hospitals and also serves on the International Harp Therapy Faculty in Richmond, Virginia. Tufts University Veterinary School has hosted Sue as a speaker for its International Animal Expo as has the Scientists Center for Animal Welfare (SCAW) in Baltimore, Maryland. Veterinarians from UC Davis recognize and recommend her CDs for pets with separation anxiety, thunder phobia and various behavior modification needs.
Channel 8 KFMB in San Diego did an interview/story about Susan and her Pet Pause Music. In the video, Susan plays the harp and demonstrates how it works to relax anxious or nervous animals.  Then she briefly explains how her method works to calm pets and people.  The location for the video and interview was the Lions TIgers and Bears Big Cat and Exotic Animal Rescue facility in Alpine, CA.  Channel 8 taped as she played for the large exotic animals, and also for a few of the resident domestic animals, including a pig, donkey and a miniature horse.
Sue’s most recent work includes establishing a harp enrichment program for the San Diego Wild Animal Park (for African and Asian elephants); the San Diego Zoo (for primates); and the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston, Massachusetts (for gorillas zebras and giraffes). Veterinarians, ranchers and animal shelter personnel in Dallas, Texas, also use harp enrichment at their facilities to calm residents, eliminate negative behaviors (such as cribbing), and facilitate easier birthing. Rescue facilities such as “Lions, Tigers and Bears” have also invited Sue to work with their tiger and larger breed cats as prescribed enrichment.
Recent publications featuring Sue’s work include:  Hallmark magazine, Country Living magazine, The New York Post, MSNBC.com, YahooNews.com, Tufts University’s Your Dog and Catnip magazines, The Goldsteins’ Wellness and Longevity book, Julia Szabo’s The Underdog, Grace magazine, The International Harp Therapy Journal, the Alpine Sun newspaper, the San Diego Union Tribune, Arden Moore’s The Cat Behavior Answer Book, and Love of Animals magazine. Disney’s Animal Planet; Petsburg, USA; and You Lie Like a Dog, along with ABC Radio Australia round out some of the media adventures.The field trials of harp enrichment for twenty undomesticated Alaskan wolves continues to provide education and enlightenment to viewers on Animal Planet.        
The U.S. Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) consulted with Sue regarding the use of the harp as enrichment for animals. In April 2007, the ensuing results of a study on African green monkeys appeared in the Journal of Medical Primatology with Sue as co-author.
In 2015, Sue came to the Harp Retreat and shared a bit of her expertise and experience with us.  We then put her teaching into use at Mission Wolf, a nearby sanctuary in the mountains.  Knowing we had only touched on Sue’s practical knowledge, we have asked her back for the 2017 Harp Retreat.  This time the entire workshop will be at a nearby donkey sanctuary.

Jaimee Joroff
will be demonstrating the Joy of Celtic Music to the Advanced Beginner through Intermediate Level.

Starting her music career with the pedal harp, she started experimenting with her Grandmother’s Clark Irish Harp and entered the world of the lever harp.  

A protégée of Irish harper Aine Minogue, Jaimee attended the Edinburgh Harp Festival for a few years.  There her world expanded to include Scottish music and she met a harp maker named Jack Yule.  She now plays only Yule harps.

Vie Lidmark  victoriaschoolofharp.com 

This year, 2017, the Harp Retreat and the school students are most fortunate to have Vie  Lidmark  as the youth instructor.  

“I saw Harpo Marx as a child on the TV and told my momma that I would play the harp when I was big girl.  I was five.  She bought me a Style 23 when I was twelve.”

Forced to sell this pedal harp to help support her family of 11, Vie was promised by her husband that he would someday replace this instrument.17 years later,  Vie returned to the harp, but this time to the Celtic harp. With her new Troubador 111,Vie entered the Celtic harp world.

Vie has taken Celtic Workshops through the years, and enjoyed learning how to play using the lighter tension instruments. She LOVES to teach, and has built up quite a following; she has over 30 students at present.  Her harpers come from all over the front range: Greeley, Plamer Lake, Rye, Florissant, and of course, Peyton and the Springs. 

 “I love people of all ages, and will work with anyone on their harp goals. “